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 How To Get Your Own Legacy Weapon !!!

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PostSubject: How To Get Your Own Legacy Weapon !!!   Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:40 pm

©️by Nephaila xD
- Go to ur cabal main folder .../Data\FX\EFX\Arms
- Make a folder called "Backup"!!
- Put in the "Backup" folder these file/files from the "Arms" Folder:
1h_orb_05+.efx ->This is for lapis Orbs
1h_orb_06+.efx ->This for topas Orbs
1h_orb_07+.efx -> This for Mithril/Forcium orbs
If u have crystal use the Crystal Files.U don't need to take all files It depend on what u wear ;-)

-Go to Cabal main folder ...Data\FX\EFX\Item\legacy
Copy the lc_stick_00.efx file to your desktop and rename it like the files/file in your backup folder
- If u done that put this file/files into: /Data\FX\EFX\Arms
- Overwrite the existing File!
- Now restart Cabal!

U can do the same things with Legacy Blades.... if u wear Blades...
u can change what u want but pls create Backup!!!^^

It Look's Like This :

Here u can download it :

>>>>ClickHere For Download <<<
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How To Get Your Own Legacy Weapon !!!
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